Antonina Goncharov

Antonina Goncharov

Antonina Goncharov

Ph.D. Student

Antonina Goncharov

Ph.D. student


Antonina Goncharov finished her second degree at the faculty of “Technological machines and equipment” by specialty “Food engineering of small businesses” in Russia in 2011. During the study, she was working as a lab technician performing physical and chemical analysis at “Petroholod” factory. After finishing her study she worked in the R&D department as a researcher in the quality department and as a manager of technology in “United Bottling Group”. In 2017 Antonina moved to Israel. She joined the Technion in 2018 as part of the research staff of the National Building Research Institute – NBRI  and CemLab Laboratory of alternative binders at the Technion. She took part in three different projects during the first half-year. The main project with the support of the Israel Energy Ministry was “ISRAELI OIL SHALES AS AN ALTERNATIVE RAW MATERIAL FOR PORTLAND CEMENT PRODUCTION”. This became the topic of her M.Sc. thesis in Building Materials, Performance, and Technology at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, which she successfully defended in 2020. Then Antonina continued her studies as a doctoral student in 2021 with a new topic “EFFECT OF SULFATES ON THE RATE OF REACTION AND MICROSTRUCTURE OF HYDRATION PRODUCTS OF BELITE”.


The main area of activity of Antonina is the development, technological optimization, and preparation of clinkers and cements in the laboratory with different mineral compositions from non-typical raw materials with the addition of mineralizers, and their further investigation by using both analytical equipment and standard tests. Antonina has extensive experience with analytical techniques and experimental equipment including XRD, MIP, TGA/DSC, Isothermal calorimetry, Helium Pycnometer, Diffraction particle size analyzer (Mastersizer), optical microscopy, scanning electron microscope (SEM). She also has experience with standart testing, specifically the cement testing methods in accordance with BS EN 196,  which include compressive and flexural tensile strength, setting times, soundness, loss on ignition, etc.

Research interests

Antonina’s major research interests include the effect of various mineralizers or additives on the change in the mineral composition of clinker; morphology, microstructure, and chemical composition of hydrated products, especially C-S-H gel; mechanical properties, and hydration rate of cement paste and mortars.

Antonina is interested in the study of belite polymorphs and their influence on the properties of cement.

Her area of interest also includes the investigation of several non-standard types of raw materials and fuels and a comparative analysis with typical based on LCA in terms of energy conservation and greenhouse pollution reduction.

Teaching Interests

Building materials, Engineering laboratory, Metals in construction, Advanced experimental methods in building materials.


First International Conference on Innovation in Low-Carbon Cement and Concrete Technology - 24-26 June 2019, London, United Kingdom

International Conference on Innovative Materials for Sustainable Civil Engineering (IMSCE) 26 – 30 August 2019 Nanjing China

The 3rd International RILEM Workshop on Durability and Service Life Planning (ConcreteLife'20), Haifa 14-16 January

LOC Microdurability 2020, online 29th April – 25th May 2021

Selected Publications

  1. A. Goncharov, S. Zhutovsky, (2019), Using oil shales for production of low-carbon Portland cement, Proceedings of 1st International Conference on Innovation in Low-Carbon Cement & Concrete Technology, London, United Kingdom, June 2018.
  2. A. Goncharov, S. Zhutovsky, (2019), Portland cement production using low-carbon oil shales, Proceedings of International Conference on Innovation Materials for Sustainable Civil Engineering, 73rd RILEM WEEK, Nanjing, China, August 2019.
  3. A. Goncharov, S. Zhutovsky, (2020), Comparison of clinkers produced using different layers of oil shale, proceedings of the 3rd International RILEM Workshop On Concrete Durability and Service Life Planning, Haifa, Israel, January 2020.
  4. A. Mezhov, D. Kulisch, A. Goncharov, and S. Zhutovsky (2020) Effect of Soaking Time in a Solvent on Hydration Stoppage of Cement, proceedings of the 3rd International RILEM Workshop On Concrete Durability and Service Life Planning, Haifa, Israel, January 2020.
  5. A. Goncharov, S. Zhutovsky, (2021), Effect of sulfates on hydration and properties of belite paste, accepted for publication in proceedings of the 4th International RILEM conference on Microstructure Related Durability of Cementitious Composites, the Hague, the Netherlands, April 2021.


Selected Awards and Honors

2019 – Research grant in memory of Prof. Rachel Shalon for excellence in research



2006- 2011 Master of technology (Food engineering of small businesses) Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University), Russia

2015-2016 (Menedgment of project and programs) Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Russia

2018 -2020 Master of Science (Civil Engineering – Building Materials, Performance, and Technology), Technion, Israel

In progress Ph.D. (Civil Engineering – Building Materials, Performance, and Technology), Technion, Israel