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A. Goncharov, S. Zhutovsky, (2022), Influence of gypsum on hydration rate of belite cement, accepted for publication in proceedings of International Conference on Regeneration and Conservation of Structures (ICRCS 2022), September 2022, Kyoto, Japan

A. Goncharov, S. Zhutovsky, (2021), Effect of sulfates on hydration and properties of belite paste, in proceedings of the 4th International RILEM conference on Microstructure Related Durability of Cementitious Composites, the Hague, the Netherlands, April 2021, 137-144.

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Goncharov, S. Zhutovsky, (2019), Portland cement production using low-carbon oil shales, in Proceedings of International Conference on Innovation Materials for Sustainable Civil Engineering, 73rd RILEM WEEK, Nanjing, China, August 2019.

A. Goncharov, S. Zhutovsky, (2019), Using oil shales for production of low-carbon Portland cement, in proceedings of 1st International Conference on Innovation in Low-Carbon Cement & Concrete Technology, London, United Kingdom, June 2018.

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