Daniele Kulisch

Daniele Kulisch

Daniele Kulisch

Ph.D. Candidate


Daniele Kulisch finished her BS studies in Civil Engineering in Brazil and immigrated to Israel in 2012. She joined the Technion in the same year, for her MS in Civil Engineering – Building Materials, Performance and Technology (with thesis). After completing her degree, she worked in the Standards Institution of Israel – SII and decided to return to the Technion in order to earn her PhD degree, which is in progress.

Research Interests

Daniele Kulisch is part of the research staff of Sustainable Construction Materials – SCM in the National Building Research Institute – NBRI at the Technion.

Teaching Interests

Building Materials, Advanced Technology of Concrete, Engineering laboratory, Green Building 

Selected Publications

  • Katz, A., Kulisch, D. 2017. “Performance of mortars containing recycled fine aggregate from construction and demolition waste” Materials and Structures 50: 199-214.
  • Katz, A., Kulisch, D. 2016. “Can artificial recycled fine aggregate represent fine aggregated from C&DW” II International Conference on Concrete Sustainability – ICCS16, Galvez, J. C. et al. (Eds.), Madrid, Spain, E-book: 1100-1106.
  • Katz, A., Kulisch, D. 2016. “Efficiency of using recycled fine aggregate for a new concrete” Sustainable build environment (SBE) Regional Conference: Expanding boundaries – systems thinking in the built environment, Habert, G., Schlueter, A. (Eds.), Zurich, Switzerland: 404-407.
  • Katz, A., Kulisch, D. 2015. “Recycled fine aggregate in new concrete” III International Conference on Progress of Recycling in the Built Environment, Martins, I., Ulsen, C., Angulo, S. C. (Eds.): Sao Paulo, Brazil: 124-131.
  • Kulisch, D., Artigas, L. V., Aisse, M. M., Sabbag, A. F. 2012. “Sulfate attack in concrete structures – Practical analysis” 54th Brazilian Concrete Conference – CBC2012, IBRACON, Maceio, Brazil: 1-16.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Prize in memory of Prof. Rachel Shalon Z”L for excellence in research     2015


  • BS (Civil Engineering, with thesis), Federal University of Parana (Brazil), 2012
  • MS (Civil Engineering – Building Materials, Performance and Technology, with thesis), Technion, 2015
  • PhD (Civil Engineering – Building Materials, Performance and Technology (with thesis), Technion, in progress